Google Adwords Conference

Three day conference regarding Google Adwords by Google.

Joomla Day 2012

Installation, basic concepts, Responsive web design, joomla templating

Use of TOAD’S tools for Quest software’s databases

Demonstartion of the Toad's tools.

Microsoft: WebCamp: Windows Azure

Seminar on how to build websites and make them available in the Internet cloud using the Microsoft's platform Windows Azure.

Microsoft: DevDay: Windows Phone

Introduction to Windows phone 7 programming: Pivot control, sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Vibration), HTML parsing, WCF, Media Library, Navigation, Launchers and choosers, Isolated Storage, marketplace, Data Binding, Panorama, RSS, Video, App. Lifecycle, XNA.

Microsoft:TechDays11: Getting Business Done on the Cloud

Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Appfabric, Office Web apps, Exchange online, Sharepoint Online, CRM online, Intune, Office Communication Online, Live Meeting

Google adsense Partner day Greece 2011

The Google adsense Partner concerned trends in the online market and what this means for a site.

Microsoft: WebCamp – HTML5/IE9

The Microsoft Web Camps are events that offer the opportunity to learn how to develop web sites using the latest developments of the standard HTML5.

Cisco expo 2010

Some of the Cisco's subjects were: Technology Investment & Innovation through the economic downturn and the Implementation and troubleshooting tips for successful Voice and Video over Wireless deployments.

Online Webinars

Introduction to Application and Database Design Using Microsoft Access

Introduction to the database design with the help of the Microsoft Access.

Introduction to MongoDB and PHP

Introduction to php and the MongoDB, a open source document-oriented NoSQL database system.

Avoiding Bugs in Access

Using the Immediate Window to Debug your Applications, Invoking the Debugger, Using Breakpoints to Troubleshoot, Stepping Through Code, Setting the Next Statement to Execute, Using the Call Stack Window, Working with the Locals Window, Working with Watch Expressions, ContinuingExecution After a Runtime Error, Looking at Debugging Gotchas, Using Assertions, Implementing Basic Error Handling

Top 10 Best New Features in Visio 2010

Demonstrations of the top 10 new features in Visio 2010 and how can someone create compelling diagrams by:

  • Adding shapes to the page with a single click
  • Linking the shapes in a diagram to data in Excel (or SQL Server, or SharePoint…)
  • Creating attractive page backgrounds with one click
  • Adding and removing connecting lines merely by adding and deleting shapes

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Examine software/hardware tools for monitoring and testing to help someone gain a better understanding of where he is, where he want to be and how to get there with his disaster recovery plan.

Live visio Webinar

Best practices for organizing shapes in previous versions of Visio:

  • How to organize shapes with containers and lists
  • How to add callouts to shapes
  • How to add style to containers and lists

DevLiveMeetings11 Silverlight 5: from BETA to Zed

The new features of the version 5.

Demystifying SEO webinar part 1 and 2

  • Site architecture and why it matters
  • Keys for successful internal linking strategies
  • Which on-page elements matter most for SEO